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Where to stay in Wroclaw, area and hotels

The area and the hotel where we stay on a trip largely determine our further relations with the city and Wroclaw is no exception. A good impression of the city and minimizing all unpleasant moments means the place of spending the night was chosen correctly. The requirements for the place of our stop in Wroclaw were simple.

Walking distance to the bus stop number 106, which goes to the airport
Minimize use of public transport, ideally only on foot
price-quality ratio
24 hour reception as the flight is late
Convenient location for the walking route in Wroclaw – it was compiled before the trip and I will lay it out with separate material
Breakfast is desirable, just so as not to waste time – we had only two days
hotels Wroclaw The hotel was chosen in the Krzyki area which fully met our expectations. I think this location is the top area for exploring Wroclaw. Because,

to the old town 10 minutes leisurely walk
the road is full of interesting and not always obvious attractions
convenient starting point for exploring city sights
close to the main train station and bus station
to the bus stop at the airport no more than 10 minutes walk
several shopping centers to choose from
a lot of tourist accommodation and business hotels
full of other transport – trams, buses
Where we lived in Wroclaw
We stayed in the immediate vicinity of the old town in the area in the Krzyki district of the Novotel hotel, which offered the best value for money in winter. In the same building, loved by many Ibis travelers, these hotels belong to the same AccorHotels chain.

It is from this place that it is most convenient to start if you want to see all of Wroclaw in one day. On the first day, we packed all the observation platforms of Wroclaw and the main architectural sights into the route. Hotel Novotel, Wroclaw

For those who are interested in shopping in Wroclaw. There are three shopping centers around Novotel – a shopping mall in the Sky Tower building, Renoma shopping center and Arcadia shopping center. All of them are 5-7 minutes walk from the entrance to the hotel.

Nearby there are plenty of places to eat / drink with prices lower than in the old town. The old town is close at hand – 12 minutes walk to the Market Square. Renoma Shopping Center, Wroclaw

Recommended hotels and apartments in Wroclaw
Wroclaw is a convenient hub for further travels in Europe, so it is always worth having a fresh list of checked places, at least in order not to waste time searching. What looks convenient on the map is not always convenient in reality.

Hotel Ibis Wroclaw Centrum – many people love it for its comfort, neatness, cleanliness, breakfast, the presence of basic tourist chips and a reasonable price. Ibis hotels are always conveniently located near traffic intersections and in the vicinity of the historic center.

Ibis Wroclaw Centrum is located in the same building as Novotel and we have studied it well, I can safely recommend it. Ibis Hotel, Wroclaw

There is another Ibis in Wroclaw – Ibis Styles Wrocław Centrum. It is also located in the Kshiki area, just 200 meters from the main train station. It is convenient for those traveling by train or bus, as there is a bus station nearby. In addition, a bus 106 runs between the station and the airport (206 at night).

WrocApartments are hotel type apartments located in the same area. Bribed by a lower price – about 40 euros for a good room. Only hostels are cheaper. As a result, one of the highest ratings at Bucking is 9.8, including cleanliness, location and service. Wroclaw hotels

Pure Rental Apartments – located next to WrocApartments and are almost identical in all respects, including location and price. We had it a backup option.

Hotel Polonia Centrum 3 * – for those who still prefer hotels to apartments and do not like to overpay. Everything is almost perfect here – the price (43 Euros for two), the location – even closer to Rynok Square and Tumsky Island – is only 900 meters, a historic building and Bucking’s high marks.

Swidnicka Apartments – City Center, Bucking score 9.6. Included in the list for the location and good reviews of people I know and who have stayed here. Price – 35 Euro per night for two, it is cheaper than many Wroclaw hostels.

Aparthotel Bike Up – price 25-30 Euros, cool design and excellent location for starting walks in Wroclaw. The Bucking score is 9.0. Not suitable for car travelers – there is no parking.

Art Apartments – Studio rooms up to 45 sq.m., ideal for a family of 2-4 people, located on the island of Tumsky in the middle of Wroclaw near the cathedral of John the Baptist and the Botanical Garden. Price – 40-45 euros per apartment.

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