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Gdansk, Sopot and Malbork in four days – spontaneously and independently

Gdansk and its surroundings in four days – a review of independent travel that you can see in time, the sights of Gdansk, the route around the city and its surroundings, useful information, prices and organization of life.

The desire to go to Gdansk was quietly smoldering for a long time, the decision arose spontaneously and somehow immediately without a long search for cheap tickets. Gdansk in three to four days

How to travel to Gdansk yourself – briefly about organizing a trip
This section is for those who think for a long time “to be or not to be”, weighs all the Pro and Contra and … postpones the trip until next time.

Everything happens almost always differently with us. And to Gdansk or to any other city in Poland – it’s easier and faster than to Vinnitsa from Kiev, and often much cheaper.

A couple of clicks on the Wizzair website on the Kiev-Gdansk route. What? 2800 UAH for two? Wrap it up! Luggage is not needed. Hand luggage? We will manage backpacks. For this money we get a convenient departure from Zhulyan during the day and at the same time return home. You can get enough sleep before flying.

The second point of “preparation” is the choice of housing. The accumulated Airbnb bonuses come to the aid of the budget. They are enough to fully cover the cost of housing and not pay at all. We chose the center, saved a little on comfort, but did not spare. The apartments spent 7-8 hours a day, that is, they only slept.

The third point of preparation. Usually I study GoogleMaps, I always read travelers’ reports with recommendations on accommodation, reviews and routes, leaf through instagram to get inspired and make an approximate route.

An important point of preparation is the possible ways of moving along the route. In our case, buses, a train, a city electric train and even Uber were involved.

As always on travels – walked a lot. Only on foot you can feel the place, no tourist buses and other special vehicles. Gdansk in three to four days

How to get from Gdansk Airport to the city center
The city center is the main railway station (Gdansk Glowny). From there, to the historical part – 300 meters.

The most convenient way is bus number 210, the fare is 3.20 zlotys (a little less than one Euro)

If there are a lot of things, young children, you do not live in the very center or just too lazy to wait for the bus and then go on foot – order Uber, it costs around 10 Euros.

We buy bus tickets at a bus stop, see that these are bus tickets. In the same machine there are several types of tickets for public transport. If in doubt or problems with the machine, buying a ticket from the driver for cash is a bit more expensive. Gdansk in three to four days

Travel itinerary – Gdansk and surroundings
There was no hard timing and route. Gdansk and Poland as a whole are easy destinations for a short weekend in Europe.

We had four full days and one morning before departure. Do not laugh. Morning is an important time of the day if you want to see the unusual state of nature or enjoy the silence and atmosphere of the coastal city. Even a couple of hours can leave cool memories. Get enough sleep at home. Gdansk in three days

For example, for the sake of such a foggy morning, one could specially fly to Gdansk. This does not happen here often. Even more unusual was the fact that by 10 a.m. the sun was shining harshly. Both tourists and locals undressed literally before our eyes. Gdansk in three days

Distracted. What do we have there? Oh yes – the route!

There were two options. One in case of bad weather and it was partially useful. In fact, the following happened.

Arrival day – a walk through the evening Gdansk and search for interesting cafes, restaurants, locations for photos and aimless wandering around the sun-drenched center and the promenade. Gdansk in three to four days

Sopot – review
The second day – we decided to go from Gdansk to Sopot, there – Uber (27 zlotys) so as not to waste morning time, back – the local SKM train (3.60 per one).

The main attraction of Sopot is the longest wooden pier in Europe, which goes 500 meters into the Baltic Sea. Entrance to the pier in summer is paid, the price is 8 zł. Free from October 1 and the local who live in Sopot. Sopot what’s interesting

Feels like Sopot is a typical resort town, once a famous song festival such as San Remo or Jurmala was held here. Corporate events and holidays are often held now. The atmosphere has – a long sandy beach, restaurants by the sea, many hotels and places for recreation, public gardens, water park. Sopot what’s interesting

Surely in the summer you can safely spend a week here and not repeat in the program. Nearby are picturesque surroundings, modern Gdynia and Gdansk, which form the so-called Trehgrad. Sopot what’s interesting

There is a bike rental and a web of bike paths, transport even in abundance, the prices are cheap.

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