The most beautiful cities in Poland
Friends, the Visa Sweet visa agency offers you an overview of the most beautiful, as we consider, cities, our neighbor, Poland. Ukrainians still need to apply for a visa to…

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Gdansk, Sopot and Malbork in four days - spontaneously and independently
Gdansk Gdansk and its surroundings in four days - a review of independent travel that you can see in time, the sights of Gdansk, the route around the city and…

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Rating of the best cities in Poland
Moving to Poland it is important to choose a city where you will feel comfortable and safe. Many emigrants who leave for Poland have their own image of an ideal…

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We often travel thousands of kilometers in search of new sensations, fly to other continents in the hope of seeing unusual monuments and wonders of nature, but often forget that everything amazing is nearby. So you can characterize the neighboring country – Poland. Just a few hours by bus or 1-2 hours by plane and you will find yourself in a medieval fairy tale that will live up to 100% of expectations.

For the first acquaintance with Poland or just to travel on a non-fatiguing route, it is worth visiting the following cities: Krakow-Wroclaw-Lodz-Warsaw-Lublin.

This route is very convenient, because the cities are located at a distance of 200-250 km, so you won’t get tired, you can fully enjoy Polish beauties, delicious local cuisine, take several hundred pictures against the backdrop of countless Catholic churches and castles.

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In Poland, the bus network of the Polski Bus carrier is well developed, with which you can get to every point on our route. And what is important for your budget, the cost of the trip will not exceed € 5-6, and if you plan everything in advance, then almost always there are tickets at a price of € 1.

Prices for accommodation in all cities of the route are approximately the same:

Hostel bed – from € 5
hotel room 3 * – from € 20 for two
5 * hotel room – from € 70 for two
The easiest way to get to Poland from Ukraine is by plane. Wizz Air has cheap flights to various Polish cities, including Katowice, a city located not far from Krakow, and from where it is convenient to start our route.
There are also direct bus routes and trains from Kiev and Lviv, or you can make the most budgetary route with several transfers and walking across the border.

Just a few hours and you will find yourself in medieval Krakow – the cultural capital of Poland. His heart is the Old Town (inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List) with a spacious Market Square, St. Mary’s Church and Wawel Castle. For a long time, Krakow was the site of the coronation of the Polish monarchs, although the capital was in Warsaw – you can learn more about this on the tour “Secrets and Greatness of the Royal Dynasties”.

Krakow – Photo by Francisco Anzola
Indeed, the number of attractions in Krakow is huge, but what makes this location truly unique is the two places located near the city. The first is the Wieliczka salt mines with several tracks (tourist and mining), a salt cooling tower, a church and other interesting additions; the second is the world-famous Auschwitz concentration camp.

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The next stop of the route will be the city of Wroclaw. This is another “classic” Polish city with an old quarter and Market Square in the center. You can find out about all the features and historical adventures on the excursion “Following the Traces of the Secrets and Legends of Wroclaw”. Also traditionally in Wroclaw there is a royal palace and a historical museum.

Wroclaw – Photo by Rosmarie Wirz
The most famous landmark of the city is the Centennial Hall, built in honor of the victory over Napoleon near Leipzig. This miracle of architectural thought resembles a wedding cake, the Capitol, a UFO, the building of the old Baku airport at the same time! The building hosts fairs, architectural exhibitions, opera performances, and basketball competitions.

The city’s hallmark will be the Water Knowledge Center – Hydropolis. It is designed for guests of any age category who can enjoy 64 installations in 8 thematic zones. Here you can even look into the bathyscaphe “Trieste”, which in 1960 plunged into the deepest part of the Earth.

Do you stay in Wroclaw for the night? We advise you to go on a tour of Mystical Wroclaw.

A very interesting city with a rich history and attractions. It is surprising that in the post-war period, when Warsaw was destroyed, Lozd actually played the role of the capital of Poland in 1948-1949.

Lodz is an industrial city, which only adds to it a special charm and uniqueness. Here, factories became museums, and former factories became shopping centers and restaurants. So, for example, it is worth visiting the museum of textile industry or the museum of wooden architecture. Lodz is also a “cinematic” factory in Poland. There is a school of cinematography and television, a museum of cinema and its own Avenue of stars.

Lodz is the longest pedestrian street in Poland, where dozens of cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops are comfortably located. The main feature of the city is a shopping and entertainment complex – Manufactory, located on the site of a former textile factory.

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