Poland, Cieszyn: Castle Hill
Originally a Slavic settlement, later a defense castle, today it is a historical landmark with a park and views of the Czech Tesin, Silesian and Moravian-Silesian Beskids. At the beginning…

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Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene in Wroclaw
The Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene (Katedra sw. Marii Magdaleny) is a Gothic church located near the central market square of the city. It was built in the 13th century,…

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The crane (that is, the "crane") above Motlava, undoubtedly, "makes" a view of Gdansk from the river. His appearance is extremely characteristic and recognizable. Not a single photograph of the…

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5 main reasons to visit Poland

Poland is an attractive and amazing country. It has picturesque old cities and medieval architecture, wild forests and sandy beaches, rich city life and amazing cuisine.
Here are 5 main reasons to visit this country.

Abundance of urban entertainment

The two largest cities in Poland – Krakow and Warsaw – are very different from each other. However, both are a great place for lovers of active city life.
Growing in all directions, Warsaw (the capital of the country) is a modern, vibrant center with many world-class attractions, such as the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising. It also has great shops and great opportunities to appreciate the local cuisine. We recommend doing this in one of the best restaurants in the city – Warszawa Wschodina.
Warsaw was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, so many areas of the city were restored using original photographs and paintings. Thus, guests of the capital can feel how Warsaw looked at the peak of its glory.
In Krakow, the opposite is true. There is a charming area of ​​the Old City, which has remained almost untouched since the XIII century. This area is one of the most impressive in all of Europe. It is replete with historic buildings, winding cobblestone streets and majestic monuments that can be seen literally around every corner.
The Main Market is considered the heart of the Old City – a huge area, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1978. In the center of the square is a beautiful building, made in the style of the Renaissance, called Cloth Hall. During the Middle Ages, there was a center of Polish textile trade, and now there are shops and exhibitions in the building.
Also on the square is the Church of St. Mary – one of the most important Polish historical buildings.

Touch of history

Poland has a turbulent history in which there have been ups and downs, so it will be interesting to get acquainted with almost anyone.
One of the most visited historical places in Poland is the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, organized on the site of the largest Nazi death camp. The complex is located in the town of Auschwitz, 75 kilometers from Krakow. A visit here will not give you pleasure, but it will allow you to imagine the unimaginable horror of what happened during the Holocaust. Everything here is a reminder of more than a million lives lost in this camp.
There are many other objects in the country dedicated to the Jewish community of Poland. In Warsaw, for example, there is a Jewish Historical Institute and a Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Here you can find out in detail about the features of the life of the local community in different periods.
There is a whole Jewish quarter in Krakow – Kazimierz. Currently, it is a rather bizarre tourist area with galleries, shops and cafes. However, here you can also learn about the life of the Jewish community through monuments, synagogues and cemeteries.
The city of Lodz was once a residence for many Jewish workers. Here you can get the same sensations as in the Kazimierz region, but on a much larger scale.

Magnificent nature

In Poland, there is almost everything you need for an excellent outdoor recreation:
1. Mountains covered with greenery in summer and snow in winter;
2. Rivers flowing through dense forests;
3. Dreamy Baltic Sea.
Those who love hiking should not miss the opportunity to get into the Tatra Mountains (the highest part of the Carpathian Mountains). This region is often called the Polish Alps. Locals come here in winter in droves to ski or snowboard.
The Bieszczady massif located near the Ukrainian border is another paradise for mountain lovers (although they are smaller here), dense forests and endless meadows. Not many tourists get here, but because this is a great place to relax in peace and quiet.
If you are more interested in water adventures, we recommend that you go to the Masurian Lakes. This maze of rivers in the north-east of Poland is extremely loved by lovers of boat trips.

Traces of the noble life

Ancient castles, magnificent palaces and extravagant estates are scattered throughout Poland. These places are not only great places to see, but also a great way to find out how the Polish aristocracy lived.
The medieval castle of Malbork is a huge brick fortress. This is one of the largest castles in the world, and definitely not a place worth missing if you find yourself in Gdansk. The castle is only 30 kilometers from the city, and therefore it is very easy to get there.
The Royal Castle of Warsaw is worth a visit if only because it was completely renovated in the 20th century. While the Wawel Royal Palace in Krakow is the real heart of Polish cultural identity.
A two-hour drive from Krakow is the Penina massif, where Nijitsa Castle is located on a cliff top.

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