Where to stay in Wroclaw, area and hotels
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The crane (that is, the "crane") above Motlava, undoubtedly, "makes" a view of Gdansk from the river. His appearance is extremely characteristic and recognizable. Not a single photograph of the…

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Independent travel to Poland

Poland is a neighbor of Ukraine and the main transit country to the EU and the Schengen zone (which is a sin to hide). In addition, Ukraine and Poland have a common rich history.

There are Poland visa centers in almost all regions of Ukraine (the current list can be found on the website of the Polish Embassy), and therefore it is more convenient for most Ukrainians to submit documents to Polish visa centers.

Cities of Poland that are worth visiting: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk. In addition, there are cities through which it is very convenient to go somewhere. These are the border Lublin, Helm, Przemyьl (Przemysl.

In any case, land transport to Poland, and even air, is much better developed than in the same Slovakia, which could also become a transit country. But today the leadership in this area belongs to Poland, even despite the railway connection between Kiev and Bratislava (however, the Kiev-Warsaw train also exists and costs about 45 euros).

Check the relevance of prices on the site! The price depends on the pricing policy of the carrier and the exchange rate, so each time you should check the relevance of the cost through the system! See the cost of bus tickets in a special section on the Free Travel website.

Inexpensive travel is the best tool for a budget independent travel. If you have already found a way to save on travel, then you know how to travel on your own more budget.

Buses to Poland
Buses to Poland depart not only from Kiev, but also from many other cities of Ukraine. You can check for a direct flight on the site and more than one description will not be able to open the entire existing variety of routes. You can buy a bus ticket to Poland here.

Two main transport lines pass through Poland: one means a bus to Krakow, or rather, through it to Prague (Rzeszow-Krakow-Katowice-Wroclaw), and the second via Warsaw to Berlin (Lublin-Warsaw-Poznan). Some buses go slightly obliquely, but the main buses stick to these two lines. All other routes are either branches from the main routes, or internal directions.

The duration of the trip and the distance can be checked on the site through the search. The cost should also be checked there, since the carrier changes prices. Also, the price of bus tickets directly depends on the hryvnia exchange rate to the euro. Check here: the cost of bus tickets.

Cheap buses Polskibus Polskibus is a bus carrier in Poland (and beyond), which is considered a low-cost airline! Bus tickets have a variable cost and you can buy them at a fantastically low price if you book in advance and online. On popular routes you can buy a ticket for just one zloty! Look for the best deals 2 and a half months before your trip. It is nice that a ticket can be ordered not only from Warsaw, Kravkov and Wroclaw, but also from cities such as Rzeszow, Katowice, Lublin, Gdansk and others. There are also international flights to Berlin, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and of course Prague! An English version has appeared on the site!


Flights to Poland
Flights to Poland are on regular airlines and low-cost airlines. Actually today there are only a few options:

direct flight with the airline LOT Kiev-Warsaw (where to gently make a transfer in any other direction).
low-cost airline ticket wizzair from Kiev and Lviv. Flights from Kiev: Gdansk, Katowice, Warsaw Chopin, Wroclaw, Lublin, Poznan.
You can check the availability of tickets in the section on the site. Modern search systems allow you to look at fares for both regular airlines and low-cost airlines in Poland, but (!!!) to buy the cheapest air ticket to Poland or any other country in Europe – check the cost on the airline’s website as well! Although usually aggregators of airline tickets who search everywhere win, which allows you to search for airline tickets for all airlines simultaneously. We wrote about this technology separately! It can be used when you need to find flights to Poland.

You can check the cost of tickets on the site. We have selected the most current search system to date, where the fares are the lowest for flights to Poland. In any case, it is up to you to decide exactly how to plan a trip to Europe.

Lowcosts of PolandLowcosts of Poland are another reason for organizing trips. Prices for airline tickets from Poland can not but rejoice, because it is an average of 20 euros, and the common border with Ukraine opens up unlimited possibilities for organizing travel, since most of the low-cost airlines in Europe fly to Poland.

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