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Poland, Kolobrzeg: Weekend by the sea

You would love to walk along the sea, but you don’t want to go somewhere far? If so, then we want to advise you today about one place that Czechs often forget about. You do not need to travel thousands of kilometers, overcome fear during the flight. It is enough to get into the car and you can live a wonderful extended weekend in Kolobrzeg.

This is a Polish city with an area of ​​145 km2, which is located about 150 km from Szczecin, on the border of the Tzhebyatovsky coast and the Grifitsky and Bialogard lowlands. Kolobrzeg is known primarily as the largest spa center on the Baltic coast and a fast-growing port. You can find here 12-km clean beaches, vast areas of greenery and interesting historical sites. Ferries leave for the port to the Danish island of Bornholm, as well as to Germany to the island of Rügen.

walks on the beach are beautiful at any time of the year

If you find Kolobrzeg on the map, you will probably be interested at first glance at the pier, which was solemnly opened on June 19, 1971. It is 220 meters long, 9 meters wide, and it is located about 4.5 meters above sea level. If you want to walk on it right now, it will be free. In the season, his visit is paid.

for the weekend at sea

A few meters from the pier you can find the lighthouse, which is relatively massive, but its height is only 25 meters. It was built here on the site of the remains of a redoubt, which served to protect the military. The very first lighthouse in Kolobrzeg was built already in 1666, but in 1945 it was destroyed. Near the lighthouse is another pier, which serves as a marina and which is protected by anti-tank barriers from the waves.

lighthouse lighted lighthouse

At the beginning of today’s article, I mentioned that this is the largest resort center on the Baltic coast. There were fortresses in Kolobrzeg until 1830, but after 1830 they were liquidated and replaced by sanatoriums. Before the war, resort infrastructure was built here, but during the war everything was destroyed. After the war, the largest Polish spa was opened, specializing in the treatment of children with respiratory diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, motility, as well as the digestive system.

Kolobrzeg is ready to receive tourists, therefore several hotels are located here. The closest to the beach is Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Bałtyk, but if you prefer privacy and silence, you can rent an apartment anywhere in the city.

beautiful sea view

There are several souvenir stalls, restaurants and buffets on the beach. If you go among the local shops, you will find that there really are a lot of them. Since this is a port city, every restaurant or small buffet has some kind of fish dish. If for some reason you do not eat fish, then you will have a problem to eat here, and you will have to choose really very carefully. Other common reinforcement options include corrugations (waffles), which I can recommend.

sea ​​views cannot be fed up

Although it is a tourist resort, it is quiet at night. Already at seven o’clock in the evening restaurants begin to close, and sellers of stalls pack everything and go home.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money for one extended weekend, do not be afraid. Prices in Poland are low, but rather quite often lower than ours.

In conclusion, there is only one interesting fact. In the Chomutov Zoo there is a male seal, Kashka, who was brought to the Czech Republic from Poland. A baby of this seal was found abandoned on the beach right in Kolobrzeg.

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