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Poland, Swidnica and Yavor - churches of the World
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Rating of the best cities in Poland

Moving to Poland it is important to choose a city where you will feel comfortable and safe. Many emigrants who leave for Poland have their own image of an ideal Polish city. For those who still have few ideas, we have prepared a fresh rating.

The rating is based on the Europolis study entitled “Safe and the opening of the city”, prepared in 2017 by the European Schumann Foundation. The foundation calls “open” and “safe” every city in which residents, regardless of origin or religion, feel safe. Cities that give residents comfort and help grow.

The document itself, in which you will find 69 cities of the Republic of Poland, can be found by direct link: „Europolis. Bezpieczne i otwarte miasta ”.

Theoretically, crime is much higher in big cities, but Polish residents do not complain. According to surveys conducted by the City Hall – the so-called “Barometr Warszawski”, 81% feel safe in their dzelnitsa (district), and 79% are not afraid to walk at night.

The Warsaw City Hall annually allocates large amounts to help with the financing of the Fire Department (approx. 16 million PLN in 2016), and also fully finances the Municipal Police – Straż Miejska (approx. 144 million PLN in 2016).

According to statistics, there are few fatal accidents on the roads, especially compared to countries beyond the eastern border. In many ways this helps: strict control, investment in the transport system and less corruption.

In another study, on the “balanced development of cities”, the Schumann Foundation noted that Warsaw stands out for its convenient transportation system both against other Polish cities and across Europe.

The main advantages of the capital are its strong social and economic potential, good earnings, the best place to start a business.

For those who care about the environmental component, we note that 25% of the city are parks, the city has a well-thought-out rental system for city bicycles, and also a developed network of bicycle roads.

Why is the Warsaw transport system so good? We tell in the article – “Warsaw City Transport”.
81% of Warsaw residents feel safe in their area.

As in most similar ratings, Warsaw is immediately followed by the Polish cultural and tourist capital. In Krakow, the low unemployment rate is – approx. 3%, as well as in Warsaw, a low percentage of accidents on the road, half less than the average for Poland.

If you associate Poland with the old city in the center, cozy narrow streets, but at the same time with the European level of development, then the intellectual and historical capital of Krakow is for you. Housing and transport prices in the capital of Malopolska are slightly lower than in Warsaw, and there are much more cultural events.

The only drawback of the city is the air. Due to the relief position and specific weak winds, smog from factories and stoves often “hangs” over the city. It is because of the ecology that Krakow rarely occupies high places in European lists of environmentally friendly cities for life.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and the largest city in Europe. Having survived many shocks and conquests, she carefully preserved to this day the most valuable of her every…


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