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The most beautiful cities in Poland

Friends, the Visa Sweet visa agency offers you an overview of the most beautiful, as we consider, cities, our neighbor, Poland. Ukrainians still need to apply for a visa to visit Poland. You can look at the prices for services on registration of Polish visas on the website “Visa Sweet”.

Of course, these are well-known cities – Warsaw and Krakow – the city of Polish kings. We think that you have read and heard a lot about them. Many probably have been there many times. But, in addition to these two most famous cities in Poland, there are others, no less beautiful and attractive cities for tourists.

Torun PolandTorun is a unique atmospheric medieval city in the north of Poland, which can be compared in beauty and color with Bruges. But unfortunately, or fortunately, is not so famous. Now the old part of Torun and its attractions are included in the UNESCO List. This part of the city is a wonderful example of medieval architecture, built in the style of brick Gothic. In addition, Nikolai Copernicus was born in this Polish city.

Poznan Poland Poznan is a city in central Poland, which is not specially visited, but very in vain. In terms of beauty, spirit, atmosphere, Poznan could give odds to well-known Polish cities. With Poznan it is good to start acquaintance with Poland. She was the first capital of Poland and saw many dramatic events in the formation of the nation.

Visitors just fall in love with charming multi-colored houses that seem to have grown together. The historical center of Poznan is the Old Town with its Market Square and the Town Hall building, crowned with a proud eagle, under which there is a clock tower and Proserpine Fountain. The Royal Palace and Gorki Palace, the Franciscan Church, the Church of St. Stanislav and the Virgin Mary, where organ music concerts take place, are also located there.

In the list of the most beautiful cities in Poland, one cannot but mention Lublin. Lublin PolandLublin is worth a visit to it, and more than once. This wonderful city is beautiful, original and at the same time (not yet) saturated with tourists. It harmoniously combines antiquity and modern everyday life, does not pretend to pathos, although it has every right to it.

Everyone knows that during the years of World War II, a fascist death camp, Majdanek, operated within the city. Now on this terrible place, where many peaceful Jews and Slavs were destroyed, a memorial complex has been opened.

Other sights of Lublin are much more peaceful. Of course, first of all it is architecture. The Lublin Castle, built in the 14th century, the Cathedral, the Krakow Gate, the Crown Tribunal (a marvelous city legend is associated with it), the Holy Trinity Tower, the Church of the Order of the Dominicans — you can list for a long time. There is also a botanical garden, many parks and museums: a city museum, a museum of the poet Jozef Chekhovich and a wonderful museum of wooden architecture in the open. In addition, as in every venerable ancient city, in Lublin there is an underground passage, where tourists are now allowed.

The location of the city historically determined its closest connection with neighboring Ukraine and Belarus. Even city signs remind of this, some of which are written in these Slavic languages.

Wroclaw Poland In the west of Poland is the beautiful Wroclaw. The city is small but very famous. For its long history, Wroclaw belonged to the Poles, Czechs, Austrians, Hungarians and Germans. Each ruler brought to Wroclaw the culture and architecture of his land; so gradually, due to a mixture of architectural styles, the unique look of the city was born.

Wroclaw is known mainly for its bridges (and there are more than two hundred of them in the city) and the dwarves – the symbol of the city. There are statues of the gnome firefighter, chimney sweep, postman and many others. Small bronze figures of gnomes, no larger than a cat, can be found on the streets of the city. They roll a ball, wash clothes, strive to jump into your hands from a lamppost and, in general, in every possible way distract attention from the beautiful architecture of the city. And there is something to see!

Catholic church of St. Elisabeth, the houses of Yasi and Malgosi, the Town Hall, the houses of the Old Town … Be sure to visit Tumsky Island and other islands of Wroclaw, wander along its bridges, botanical garden and other parks of amazing beauty, go on a night excursion to the zoo, visit the national museum and explore details of the Racławice panorama. And when it gets dark, be sure to sit near the largest singing fountain in Europe.

Gdansk Poland In a tourist trip, everyone is looking for something different. Some go on a journey to learn and see as much as possible, others give the untouched streets of Old Europe, while others do not need anything except the sea. If, however, tourists want the seaside city to have a rich history, an abundance of interesting places and an impeccable European style, then they can safely recommend a trip to the Polish city of Gdansk.

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