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Rating of the largest construction companies in Poland

The main weather in the Polish construction market is made by the 15 largest construction companies. Last year, they received a total income of about 29 billion zlotys. I think our readers will be interested in who earned the most and what is the position of companies compared to the previous period. Information will be taken from the Deloitte report entitled “Polish construction companies are the most important players, key growth factors and development prospects of the industry”.

Mirbud Group (revenue – PLN 774 million) is a company that acts as a general contractor in all segments of the construction business. For almost 30 years of work in the industry, it has more than 350 completed investments both in the field of industrial and commercial construction, as well as in the residential, road and utility sectors of the industry. Currently involved in the reconstruction of ŁKS stadium in одód  and the construction of the Kowal-Torun section on A1. The company was first included in the rating.

Mota-Engil Central Europe SA (revenue – 786.9 million zlotys) – has been operating on the market for more than 60 years. Performs the construction of roads, bridges, real estate and buildings for railway enterprises and energy companies. Promising is real estate investment in Poland. It works in 25 European, African and Latin American countries. At present, he is constructing a bridge in Sandomierz and the second stage of the Ostrow Wielkopolski bypass.

Mostostal Group (income – 792 million zlotys) – appeared on the market immediately after the end of World War II and consists of 5 subsidiaries. He is engaged in the complex construction of industrial facilities, in particular, in the energy sector and environmental protection. General contractor at the gas power plant in Siedlce and Gallery Zabrze.

Warbud SA (930 million zlotys) is a fairly young company in the market since 1989. She has built 470 objects and is one of the leading in the sector of commercial and housing construction. She took part in the construction of the ентwiętokrzyski Bridge in Warsaw, making it a pylon.

Elektrobudowa Group (revenue – 971.5 million zlotys) is a company from Katowice, a leader in the field of electrical work. It produces electromagnetic devices and performs complex works on electrical installation and construction of energy and industrial facilities. She took part in the construction of most power and heating stations in Poland.

PORR Group (1.11 billion zlotys) is one of the oldest construction companies in Europe (founded in 1869).

He has a business interest in both central and eastern and southeastern Europe. In Poland – since 1987, specializes in railway and cubic investments. Builds the new headquarters of the University Hospital in Krakow-Prococice.

Uniber Group (1.25 billion zlotys) is a company from Bielsk Podlanski specializing in housing and commercial construction. It has already been 65 years on the Polish market, takes part in the construction of the Podlanska Opera and Philharmonic, as well as 10 engineering structures on the A1 motorway.

Trakcja Group (1.38 billion zlotys) – works in the field of building infrastructure and energy in Poland, as well as upgrading tracks, traction networks, power lines, roads and highways. She built bridges and viaducts during the construction of the ring road of the city of Luben.

Mostostal Warszawa Group (1.4 billion zlotys) – consists of companies working in the field of design and execution in housing and heavy industry. The list of works includes treatment facilities in Warsaw and Ostroleka, and the Turov Power Plant in Bogatyn.

Erbud Group (1.79 billion zlotys) – over 25 years of work, it was able to enter the top five most important building groups in Poland. Invests in civil, road and industrial construction. Carries out both commercial and utility projects. She took part in the construction of Siekierki’s Thermal Power Station in Warsaw, a sports hall in Szczecin and a Magnolia trading hall in Wroclaw.

The PBG Group (PLN 1.99 billion) is a comprehensive contractor for natural gas, crude oil and fuel plants.

Polymex-Mostostal Group (2.67 billion zlotys) – consists of subsidiaries and affiliated commercial and legal companies with various lines of business (production, service, energy). He is responsible for the construction of the Warsaw Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the construction of the second round of the detour in Siedlce.

The Strabad Group (3.42 billion zlotys) is part of a European construction company founded in 1835. In Poland since 1987. He took part in the construction of sections of many Polish roads, as well as the East Station in Warsaw and Katowice.

Skanska Sa (3.8 billion zlotys) is one of the leading companies in the world, ranking second in the ranking. It works both in Europe and in the USA. Invested earlier in the construction of the Warsaw Forum and the Victoria Hotel. Now – the Warsaw Millennium Bridge, the viaduct in Milowka and section A1 – Gdansk-Torun.

The leader on the list is the Budimex Group (5.58 billion zlotys), a world-renowned company with over 100 investments per year.

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