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Baggage rules on flights

Baggage regulations vary by airline and flight. Of course, there are general points, but each carrier sets its own standards. Because of what, tourists are often confused in a lot of nuances, sometimes in the hustle and bustle they forget to study how much and what can be taken, which leads to unnecessary troubles: bickering at the check-in, the need to urgently re-pack suitcases, something to subtilize by weight or even throw things away. “The subtleties of tourism” prepared a small cheat sheet that will help to put everything in its place – to understand the “baggage tricks” and fly away without nerves.

Free luggage
Most European, Asian, and Russian airlines set weight requirements. A passenger who buys a ticket has the right to check in and check in one piece of baggage, the weight of which depends on the class of service. The restrictions recommended by the International Air Transport Association applicable to all passengers, including children from 2 years of age:

for the first class – 40-50 kg;
for business class – 30-40 kg;
for the economic class – 20 kg.
For every kilogram of overweight you need to pay on the tariff scale.

Strollers for babies up to 2 years old are accepted for carriage free of charge.

Many airlines set an increased rate for the economy class at 23-30 kg per passenger for individual periods or flights. It is also practiced to provide one piece of free baggage up to 10 kg per child up to 2 years old (for example, at Aeroflot).

Less common is another approach, when in all classes it is allowed to carry two pieces of baggage weighing up to 32 kg, which in total length, width and height should not exceed 158 cm each. But in the economy class, airlines in 90% of cases set a limit of 23 kg. This system is mainly used on flights from the USA to Canada and vice versa, as well as on a number of transatlantic routes of American airlines.

Lowcosters have their own standards, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity. Most budget carriers allow you to take with you for free one bag / suitcase that fits in a special calibrator. All that’s above is paid, even a winter jacket, a camera or a bag of purchases from Duty Free. The special zeal in suppressing attempts to carry something is additionally distinguished by Ryanair, Wizzair and Victory.

When flying with low-cost airlines, it is more convenient to put things in a soft bag – it is much easier to put it in the calibrator.

Oversized baggage
Alpine skiing, surfboards, hunting accessories, household appliances, musical instruments and other “non-standard” things are accepted only by prior arrangement with the airline. Oversized baggage is considered to be more than 158 cm in the sum of three dimensions or weighing more than 32 kg. Transportation of such cargo is always paid for at a separate tariff; it is transported in the luggage compartment. In the cabin with the purchase of an additional ticket, you can take a fragile or especially valuable item, “planting” it next to you.

In season, a number of carriers make it possible to transport one set of sports equipment per person on ski destinations. The situation with surfboards is ambiguous – almost all European airlines will ask for an additional 30-150 EUR, Malaysia Airlines and Qatar Airlines will bring them for free. Aeroflot allows for certain periods and flights to register for free not only boards, but also diving equipment.

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