Poland, Wieliczka I salt mine - history and modernity
World rarity in southern Poland attracts more than a million tourists annually to look into the womb of the earth. The salt world, which has arisen here over the centuries…

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Poland, Swidnica and Yavor - churches of the World
In our countries, the post-Belogor period is still often perceived as a dark age. But it was precisely in this "dark" time that many of our greatest artistic treasures came…

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In the palace, where the Polish king once dined, the music of Chopin sounds. During the break of the summer concert for the piano, a person will not be surprised…

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How to buy tickets cheaper

Buy tickets at a good discount – spend more on vacation. How to keep up with “hot” airline sales, catch the right stock on time and avoid overpayments? There are simple tricks, having mastered which you can always keep your finger on the pulse. “Subtleties of tourism” will tell you how to be one step ahead of everyone else – to search and find the best prices.

How to benefit
There are several working tools on how to “defeat” an airline and buy a ticket at a price lower than average, or even get on a total sale:

Do not plan a flight on Saturday, Sunday or the first days of the month;
Do not travel during the peak season or on holidays: Christmas, New Year, May and November “long” weekends.
Whenever possible it is better to go on vacation in the offseason. For Russia, this is the time from October to May, for Europe and the USA – February, March and September, for the countries of Southeast Asia – February, March and November. A shift in dates for a couple of days also works to lower prices, if you need to fly away for the holidays. For example, to save money, it makes sense to take tickets not on April 30 in front of May, but on 28.

Tip – actively use air ticket aggregators that accumulate offers from airlines and agencies. To keep abreast of favorable prices, you can subscribe to the newsletter at Skyscanner, and then the risk of missing a cheap ticket will be minimized.

General approach: the earlier you book, the more money will remain in the wallet (or on the card). Of course, each country has its own “earlier”, so the main task is to catch the perfect moment. By the way, Skyscanner has a useful feature – a price change chart that displays the current prices for different time periods on 248 routes around the world.

Traveling in Russia
Given the climate of our vast, we can safely assume that tickets for June – August will be sold at the highest price in almost all tourist cities. But if you plan a vacation in November or January – March, then the savings will be 10-40%. But who wants to fly to rest in such a dull and bad weather? A compromise option is the middle and end of spring, as well as September, when airlines reduce prices by an average of 9%.

A single principle for catching the lowest prices on domestic routes: take a ticket 30-60 days before departure.

Crimea and the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus go a little apart. At the very peak of the season, which falls on July – September, one must take care of booking tickets already in November – January, 8 months before the trip. In the off-season (October – May) flights to Simferopol and Adler become cheaper by a third of the average annual cost.

Sightseeing and beach Europe
When planning a vacation to the northern countries of Europe, you can follow the same algorithms as for Russia. Due to the similar (and in some places more severe) climate, the periods of high and low seasons coincide. The airline policy is also predictable – the most expensive summer rates and pleasant discounts in early spring and autumn.

The situation is different with Central and especially with Southern Europe, where even in winter there is very comfortable weather. It is most advantageous to fly to Paris, Madrid or Prague in January – March. For April – June and September – November, the price of tickets is usually below the average by several percent. But on the eve of Catholic Christmas and New Year’s holidays, as well as in summer, the overpayment will be up to 12-15%.

Tickets for the popular beach resorts of the Cote d’Azur, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Sardinia, Puglia, Liguria, the Budva Riviera, Cyprus and island Greece should be booked no later than 6 months before the trip. Given the demand for these areas, it will be possible to save a little, but if you catch up late, the margin will be more than 20%.

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