Poland: Krakow - the city of kings and dragon
Krakow - once the capital of Poland, and today one of the most beautiful architectural gems of Europe. The whole city is permeated with a medieval spirit, reinforced by the…

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Poland, Poznan: a city on the Warta River
A trip to Poznan will lead us to one of the oldest cities in Poland. As soon as you learn something about the ancient history of the city, during your…

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Auschwitz-Birkenau is one of the most frequently visited Polish museums. Its main feature is reliability - here everything remained exactly as it was at the time of the functioning of…

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Wroclaw is one of the oldest and most picturesque Polish cities. All tourists celebrate its beautiful Old Town with Baroque and Gothic architecture, as well as numerous bridges and canals, which are more numerous here than in Bruges. Wroclaw is a student city, so there are many young people on its streets, and the center is full of bars, discos and other entertainment venues.

One of the most fun tourist attractions in Wroclaw is “Find the Dwarf”. Gnomes (here they are called “red-humans”) are considered a symbol of the city and are located in all its corners. Each figure is unique, with its own name, profession and biography.

But this is superfluous

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How to get to Wroclaw
There are many ways to get to the ancient capital of Silesia. The most convenient – by plane with a change in Warsaw, as there are no direct flights from Moscow. In addition, numerous trains, including high-speed trains and buses from all over Eastern Europe, arrive at Wroclaw at the crossroads of the most important transport routes. And although the land way will have to travel with transfers, convenient connections will not greatly affect the convenience of travel.

As much as possible about how to get to the old Breslavl, read this article.

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Transport in the city
City transport of the city is represented by buses, private and municipal, as well as trams. Trams of the city are very diverse, there are the latest cars, but there are old, but brightly colored and serviceable ones. In addition, to attract visitors, part of the trams has been converted into tourist trams and runs around the city with excursions. One of them even bears the name “Juliusz”, in honor of the poet Juliusz Slovacki.

In addition to renting a car, the city provides bicycle rental. For only 2 EUR per hour, you can travel on environmentally friendly transport at a speed convenient for you. And when you get tired or want romance, go on a boat trip along the Odra. On a gondola (5 EUR per hour) or one of the local steamers (3-5 EUR per hour, depending on the type of vessel). Prices on the page are for November 2019.

Wroclaw Hotels
In Wroclaw, staying overnight, as elsewhere in Poland, is possible not only in hotels, hostels and hostels, but also in apartments. On the official website of the city, they even devoted a whole section to them. Those who prefer other accommodation options, it will also not be difficult to choose a suitable accommodation. The most budget, of course, hostels.

In Boogie Hostel (city center, Russkaya Street) for 20 EUR even in season you can rent a separate room with breakfast, and a place in a dormitory costs from 10 EUR. At Cinnamon Hostel, the price for a place in a 12-bed dormitory is 10 EUR, for a quadruple – 15 (and breakfast in addition!), And 39 in a double.

The price level for middle-class hotels is 38-65 EUR per night. These include the Rezydencja Parkowa, located near the park, a 10-minute drive from the city center, Novotel, located near the Wroclaw University of Technology or Campanile, which boasts proximity to St. Elisabeth Cathedral. Well, the price for a room at Art Hotel, recognized as the best Wroclaw hotel in 2005 (according to Forbes version), starts from 87 EUR per night.

“He who was not in the Świdnicka cellar was not in Wroclaw.” Yes, that’s exactly what the locals say. You don’t want to leave the city without visiting this oldest restaurant in Europe? Moreover, the prices do not “bite” there, and for 20 EUR you can dine so that you will hardly leave the table later. And the pleasure of the amazing atmosphere of this institution is generally not enough to compare with!

Unless with a visit to the Spiz brasserie, which serves beer brewed in a private brewery.

Centenary Hall in Wroclaw
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