5 main reasons to visit Poland
Poland is an attractive and amazing country. It has picturesque old cities and medieval architecture, wild forests and sandy beaches, rich city life and amazing cuisine. Here are 5 main…

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Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene in Wroclaw
The Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene (Katedra sw. Marii Magdaleny) is a Gothic church located near the central market square of the city. It was built in the 13th century,…

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Poland: Jabłonka - a shopping paradise for Slovaks
After a long time, we will again go to Poland, more specifically to the village of Yablonka. For Slovaks, this village is closely connected with bargains, but in today's article…

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Warsaw is the capital of Poland and the largest city in Europe. Having survived many shocks and conquests, she carefully preserved to this day the most valuable of her every era. People come to Warsaw to wander along the streets of the Old Town and the picturesque embankment of the Vistula, take a stroll through the immense Lazenkovsky park and see the Church of the Holy Cross, where Chopin’s heart rests. Despite the fact that the city was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, the appearance and atmosphere of antiquity were reliably recreated in its historical quarters. The Royal Castle, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and other iconic buildings were restored according to the sketches of the 17-18 centuries.

For beauty and originality at the beginning of the last century, Warsaw was called East Paris.

The capital of Poland attracts not only architecture connoisseurs and history connoisseurs, it will surely appeal to lovers of shopping and vibrant nightlife. And everyone will want to get acquainted with such gastronomic sights as “bigos” and “flacs” under the traditional “cramming” or local beer.

But this is superfluous

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How to get to Warsaw
The fastest way to get to the Polish capital is to use air service. Airplanes between Moscow and Warsaw run 4 times a day, there are direct flights to and from St. Petersburg. Traveling by rail will take 19 hours – a branded train runs daily from the Belorussky Train Station in Moscow. Warsaw bus stations accept buses from all European directions, including from Moscow. This trip option is the longest, but the cheapest.

Warsaw areas
Warsaw, like all major historical cities, stands on the river, and its name is Vistula. The river divides the capital of Poland into two parts, flowing from north to south. On the left bank is the old city with most of the sights and hotels, the right bank is less interesting for tourists, there are residential areas.

The center of Warsaw includes the districts of Srodmiescie, Wola, Mokotow, Zoliborz, Ochota, Praga Połnoc and Praga Południe – a mix of modern architecture, industrial bald spots and fashionable residential areas.

Northern Warsaw is a small area of ​​Bielany and Białołeka. Western Warsaw consists of the districts of Bemowo, Włochy and Ursus, and it can also show little to the tourist.

But in the South of the city (Ursynow and Wilanow) you can see the Wilanow Palace. And in Ursynow there is a historical national park and reserve, which sheltered the European College in the building of the Potock Palace. And finally, East Warsaw, where travelers have nothing to do, consisting of the districts of Targowek, Rembertow, Wawer and Wesoła.

Warsaw public transport includes buses, trams and metro. The first go on schedule, at each stop there is a schedule of routes, and it is also written which bus arrives at a certain time – regular or with a low floor (for those who are in a wheelchair). Tickets cost from 3.40 to 7 PLN, the price of a daily ticket is 15-26 PLN (depending on the coverage area), a ticket for the weekend (from 19:00 Friday to 8:00 Monday) is 24 PLN, 3 days ticket – 36-57 PLN. All of them are universal, there is no separation by mode of transport, but they must be composted. It makes sense to purchase a subscription only if you plan to stay in Warsaw for a month (110 PLN). For a company of up to 5 people it is advantageous to buy a weekend group ticket for 40 PLN. Prices on the page are for April 2019.

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