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What to see in Poland first?

Poland is one of the countries with a rich history, it has always attracted a large number of ancient monuments, picturesque landscapes. Today you will learn about the sights of Poland, what this country can be remembered for. Plan your trip in advance. This is especially true of what to see in Poland.

What to see in Poland first?
This is a country with hospitable and friendly residents, which makes me want to visit it even more. We turn to the main thing, that such a beautiful thing can be seen in a state located in the central part of the European continent?

1. Warsaw Old Town
Warsaw Old Town Architecture
Traveling around the country is worth starting with exploring the historic district of its official capital. It is represented by a market square with a large number of shops, cafes and restaurants for every taste and color. A positive feature of this attraction of Poland is the wealth of the area with monuments of medieval architecture. It is interesting to know that the Old City was founded back in the 13th century, it was originally surrounded by an earthen rampart, later it was replaced by brick walls. Remember to take a camera to take a lot of beautiful photos.

2. Marienburg Castle
Marienburg Castle – residence of the Crusaders of the Teutonic Order
Among the main attractions of the country is the “nest” of German knights. The brick community of this castle rises on the banks of the Nogat River, which flows 80 km from the border with the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation. Its history began 700 years ago when the Teutonic residence was officially moved from Venice to Marienburg. The fortress was repeatedly completed, decorated. In 1945, the castle was heavily damaged, but after the end of World War II it was rebuilt literally anew. Now a museum is functioning within the walls of the building, interesting weapon collections, amber jewelry, and armor are presented there.

3. Tatras
Tatra mountain slopes
This is the name of the Carpathian mountain system, the highest point of which reaches 2499 m. This place attracts tourists not only with heights within 1800-2500 m, but also with glacial circuses, large number of mountain lakes, deep valleys. The rating of this attraction of Poland is rated as high, all because there is still a ski resort, known as Zakopane. From the capital you can get here by train. The Tatras are also known for caves, of which there really are many.

4. The Old Town of Krakow
Trading Cloth Hall in the Old Town of Krakow
If you plan to go specifically to Krakow, it is better to start its review from the Old Town, all roads from which lead to the market square. It is a “ceremonial living room”, both locals and guests of the country are used to gathering there. Krakow is proud of its area, because it is considered one of the largest in Europe, it takes 200 * 200 m. A trip to the Old Town is worth it because the market ensemble has preserved in detail the layout of the times when trade was carried out with all of Europe.

5. Wawel Castle
Wawel Castle – Royal Castle on Wawel Hill
This is one of the best attractions of Krakow, represented by a large pedestrian area. The attention immediately attracted by a strange sculpture in the form of a dragon. Against its background, tourists love to be photographed, a whole legend is associated with it. The castle rises above the Vistula River, and stands on a hill. The territory attracts with an abundance of flowers; processions are held here in honor of the celebration of May 1 and not only. Entrance to the castle is free, but if you want to visit the underground tombs, climb the bell tower or appear in the royal chambers, you will need to pay money.

6. Wooden churches in the south of Lesser Poland
Dbno Wooden Church Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Po
Interesting places are located in the south and east of Lesser Poland Voivodeship, there is a whole group of historically valuable architectural churches from natural wood. Most of them have the appearance of a log house, and some represent various architectural styles. The buildings fit perfectly into the picturesque mountain landscape. From the description of this attraction of Poland, you can find out that it is on the UNESCO list.

Feel the atmosphere of Poland in this beautiful video!
7. Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum in Auschwitz
Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Auschwitz
Everyone knows that in one of the Polish cities during the Second World War, there were three Nazi concentration camps. Auschwitz has a museum dedicated to this topic. It recalls that at one time hundreds of thousands of people died here. 90% of them were Jews brought from various countries of occupied Europe. During the existence of the concentration camp, more than a million people were destroyed. Once in this museum, it is impossible to remain indifferent. This landmark of Poland has an exposition of objects that were selected by the Nazis from the victims.

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