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Water park in Sopot

At any time of the year, a water park in Sopot is open for tourists. This is one of the largest water complexes in Poland. In the water park Sopot will appeal to both children and adults. This is a great place to relax with the whole family.

What do tourists offer
In the water park in Sopot, five swimming pools are available for vacationers. Outdoor pools, and there are two of them in the water park, work only in the warm season. The remaining three are waiting for visitors daily from eight in the morning until ten in the evening.

Outdoor pools are only open during the warmer months.
The main recreational pool is especially interesting. Here you will find an “island” with numerous channels – geysers beat from its walls. Fans of water fun will undoubtedly like the tube slides, which are two here. If you prefer more abrupt descents, then you need to go on that hill, which is smaller. However, it is 70 m long, which is also quite a lot, and rises 12 m in height. The second slide is more gentle, but it has already stretched 110 m. Choose for yourself: fast and cool or longer and calmer.

Want to warm up in the sauna or sunbathe in the solarium? The water park in Sopot also offers such services. Not only tourists with children will benefit from warming up after water procedures.

And you can relax in the massage room, where your body will be in the capable hands of experienced professionals. If you prefer water to bewilder your body, then you will certainly enjoy the hydromassage that some of the pools in the Sopot water park are equipped with.

The complex is also famous for its “wild river”. Over 61 m, water flows at a speed of 600 liters per second.

The “wild river” water park in Sopot is considered the largest in Poland.

On the wooden terrace next to the outdoor pools, you can loung and sunbathe on the sun loungers.

In the water park of Sopot there is a pool for young tourists – it is equipped with a playground.

If you get tired in the water, you can relax “on land” by playing bowling, which is also located in the water park.

How much is
On a weekday, you can visit the water park in Sopot for 55 PLN. This is the price for the whole day, from 8:00 to 22:00. If you know for sure that such an amount of time cannot be mastered in water, then you can buy a ticket for three hours (for 41 PLN) or for an hour (for 21 PLN).

The cost of holidays on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, will be higher: all day – 65 PLN, three hours – 49 PLN, one hour – 25 PLN. For tourists traveling with family, there are discounts. So, on a weekend, each family member will be able to buy a full-day ticket for 65 PLN.

Children under 13 years old are allowed in the water park only with adults.
At Sopot Water Park, a family ticket applies to 2 parents and at least one child.

If you are traveling with a tourist who has not yet reached the age of three, then he will go to the Sopot water park for free, but only accompanied by adults. In general, exclusively with adults, all children under 13 years old are allowed in the water park.

How to get there
The water park is just 400 meters from Sopot Kamienny Potok Station. A local train runs from Gdansk here.
Gdansk can be reached by plane; the local airport accepts regular flights from Warsaw and European cities. Another way is through Kaliningrad. By bus or train, the journey will take you about five hours.

With resorts located on the coast: Gdansk and Gdynia – Sopot has a regular ferry service. You will spend half an hour — an hour on the road.

Practical information
Address: Park Wodny Sopot Sp. z o.o., ul. Zamkowa Góra, 3-5, 81-713, Sopot.

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